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The Wessex SP Step Lift

VM Home Lift

The VM is a functional, well priced lift, with a classic design

VE Enclosed Lift

The VE expands on the functionality of the VM, with a wider feature set

Elesse Luxury Lift

The Elesse is designed to be a comforable, modern alternative to the stairlift

SP Step Lift

Our smallest platform lift; not to be underestimated!

LR Platform Lift

A step up in height from our SP, but keeping compact

Liberty Open Lift

Our powerful, customisable, open platform lift

Liberty 3 Lift

A potential 6 meters travel with omnidirectional stopping

PLG7 Incline Platform

A unique incline platform stairlift design

A Small Step/Porch Lift To Rely On

A giant benefit of the small lift is how simple it is. With a design inspired by scissor lifts, it only travels a short distance, but does so reliably and effectively.

Far easier to use than a ramp, and a better option when space is limited, the SP can be installed indoors or outdoors, making it perfectly suited to front door steps.

Why Choose The SP

Designed For All

The SP is designed to accomodate wheelchair users and standing persons alike. With the bridging system option configured, it can also be used as a set of steps.

Ramp Not Required

Using a ramp can sometimes be an uphill struggle, but the SP makes a similar change in elevation easy to handle. An SP also takes up less space than a ramp solution, meaning it's perfect for situations where space is at a premium.

Designed For Independence In Your Home

It is simple to operate and offers large, internal push button controls. The SP, like many of our other lifts, offers unparalleled independence in and around the home.

Features At A Glance

  • Travel up to half a metre

  • 5 year anti-corrosion warranty

  • Compact, space conscious design


  • Bridging plate means the lift can be used as a set of steps too

  • Extensive custom colours and finishings available

  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors

The SP Step Lift is designed to be an excellent solution in overcoming steps of up to half a metre.

Technical Details

Technical details are all in millimetres. They can be found on our desktop version of the site, or in the SP Step Lift Brochure.



upper gate

bridging plate

Manual Interlocked Upper Gate No Yes No
Bridging Plate No No Yes
Maximum Threshold Height 500mm 500mm 500mm
Usable Platform Dimensions mm 1220L x 750W 1220L x 750W 1220L x 750W
Lift Footprint Dimensions mm 1310L x 980W 1360L x 980W 1310L x 980W
Lift Footprint Inc. Ramp Lowered mm 1465L x 980W 1505L x 980W 1465L x 980W

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