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Coronavirus Update, 20th March 2020

VM Home Lift

The VM is a functional, well priced lift, with a classic design

VE Enclosed Lift

The VE expands on the functionality of the VM, with a wider feature set

Elesse Luxury Lift

The Elesse is designed to be a comforable, modern alternative to the stairlift

SP Step Lift

Our smallest platform lift; not to be underestimated!

LR Platform Lift

A step up in height from our SP, but keeping compact

Liberty Open Lift

Our powerful, customisable, open platform lift

Liberty 3 Lift

A potential 6 meters travel with omnidirectional stopping

PLG7 Incline Platform

A unique incline platform stairlift design

As we are in the home/platform lift business, a large proportion of our customer demographic fall into the category of those vulnerable to COVID-19. This equipment is also vital to those who need our lifts to travel between floors in their homes on a daily basis. As such, we are trying to continue our operations as normal, as much as is possible under these difficult circumstances.

The extra measures we're taking include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Our engineers, sales managers, or anyone visiting your home or business wearing gloves and carrying hand sanitiser

  • Strategic positioning of hand sanitiser dispensers around our office to limit the number of people in the office who might be infected if one of our employees contracts the disease

  • None of our staff will offer a handshake when greeting, and will attempt to maintain a 2 metres distance away at all times

  • Staff visiting you in your home or place of business may ask if you've visited a UK Government advised 'At Risk' country (Wuhan city/Hubei Province China, Iran, Daegu/Cheongdo Republic of Korea, Italy) in the last few weeks or whether your or your family have been in contact with anyone visiting these areas or showing any symptoms of Covid-19

For more information on how we're handling the Coronavirus as a business, please get in contact with us on 01794 830303, or by emailing info@wessexlifts.co.uk.

~ The Wessex Lifts Team