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7 Home Lift Safety Features Key to the Design of our Lifts

VM Home Lift

The VM is a functional, well priced lift, with a classic design

VE Enclosed Lift

The VE expands on the functionality of the VM, with a wider feature set

Elesse Luxury Lift

The Elesse is designed to be a comforable, modern alternative to the stairlift

SP Step Lift

Our smallest platform lift; not to be underestimated!

LR Platform Lift

A step up in height from our SP, but keeping compact

Liberty Open Lift

Our powerful, customisable, open platform lift

Liberty 3 Lift

A potential 6 meters travel with omnidirectional stopping

PLG7 Incline Platform

A unique incline platform stairlift design

With lift safety a top priority, we’re often asked what safety features we offer so that there is no cause for concern! With that in mind, here are 7 safety features of our through-floor lifts that we’re proud to be able to offer.

  1. Safety Sensors.
    These are very important. Fitted to the top and bottom of the lift car and on the sides, these ‘safety edges’ detect any obstruction and will stop immediately. Once stationary, the lift will let you either continue in the direction you’re going or you can go back in the other direction if there’s still something in the way.

  2. In Car Phone.
    The In-Car telephone is an optional feature on our VM, but standard on the VE and Elesse. You can pre-programme multiple telephone numbers in, so you can dial out if needed.

  3. Emergency Manual Lowering.
    Another must if the power goes off, this system will lower the lift in a ‘no-power’ situation. It does what it says on the tin, simply lowering the lift car safely to the ground floor.

  4. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).
    This is an option on our lift that allows you to not only lower the lift in the event of a power failure, but also allows you a few trips upstairs and downstairs on backup power provided; handy!

  5. Door Interlocking (only opens at the correct level).
    People often jokingly ask if they can get out when the lift is halfway up! No such danger is an issue; the door won’t randomly open in the air. Our lifts recognise when they have reached the right level, and the doors unlock.

  6. Smoke Alarm.
    A simple feature which wireless link to the lift car to protect your home.

  7. Battery Backup Lights in the event of power failure.
    Don’t be left in the dark in the event of a power failure. The lights in the lift have battery backup as standard, so should always be there; a simple feature worth having! The lights in our lifts turn off after you stop using the lift too, to save power.