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A Brief Guide to Wessex Lifts Maintenance Contracts

VM Home Lift

The VM is a functional, well priced lift, with a classic design

VE Enclosed Lift

The VE expands on the functionality of the VM, with a wider feature set

Elesse Luxury Lift

The Elesse is designed to be a comforable, modern alternative to the stairlift

SP Step Lift

Our smallest platform lift; not to be underestimated!

LR Platform Lift

A step up in height from our SP, but keeping compact

Liberty Open Lift

Our powerful, customisable, open platform lift

Liberty 3 Lift

A potential 6 meters travel with omnidirectional stopping

PLG7 Incline Platform

A unique incline platform stairlift design

Wessex Lifts are supplied with a comprehensive warranty* as standard. This can be extended at a modest cost to cover many years (3, 5 and 10 year extended warranties) to give you peace of mind knowing that your lift will be serviced regularly and fixed promptly if it has a problem. But what happens when these warranties expire? Here's a quick guide to Wessex Service Contracts, why you need them and how they are beneficial.

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Service contracts aren't just recommended by Wessex, they're recommended by British Standards. All Wessex products are built to meet rigorous safety standards (e.g. BS 5900:2012 for through-floor lifts), and those standards highly recommend that all lifts are thoroughly examined at regular intervals to prevent any faults from occurring. These service visits can identify items requiring attention or incorrect usage of the lift before they cause a break down.

A good comparison when it comes to servicing is that a lift is a lot like a car (a machine, lots of moving parts, etc.). You take your car in for an annual service and MOT which helps keep it healthy, safe and on the road. People don't think twice about these services – why should lifts be any different!?


The 'How' of lift maintenance is linked heavily with which service contract you choose. You can read all about this on our Maintenance page, but put simply each of our service contracts provides different levels of cover.

The most basic level of cover is the Bronze contract. Despite it being our most 'basic' contract, it is still extremely valuable. Renewable annually, this contract affords you the recommended service visits each year. During these visits our engineer will check and adjust components, lubricate parts of the lift and recommend parts for replacement if necessary. Just like car tyres have to be replaced, some components will wear through every day or incorrect usage.

The mid tier level of cover is the Silver contract. Silver provides the annual servicing of the Bronze contract but additionally, in the unfortunate event that the lift should show a fault, this option also covers the cost of the engineer visiting your lift during 'normal working hours'. Parts, however, are chargeable along with visits outside of 'normal working hours'.

The most preferable level of cover is our Gold contract. This level of cover offers service visits, as well as free breakdown visits within 'normal working hours' and covers the cost of parts. Contact us to find out if you would like this level of cover.

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Ultimately, what you decide to do with your lift when the warranty expires is completely up to you**. However, there are many benefits to investing in these contracts and we highly recommend them.

At Wessex, we are proud that our work helps people access every part of their home or business. These service contracts are devised to make the lifts more reliable so they can continue doing their job effectively. It is a concern to everyone at Wessex when we hear lifts have gone wrong, because we know how greatly it affects the lives of the people who rely on them. We offer contracts with regular service checks to improve reliability and to be there to help when needed.

Have a look at our Maintenance page for further information, and please Contact us to enquire about the contracts you would like.

* When purchasing our lift through a 'distributor', they may have their own cover they offer in the place of our contracts.
** If you have purchased and/or legally own the lift.