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A Home Lift Without a Pit?

VM Home Lift

The VM is a functional, well priced lift, with a classic design

VE Enclosed Lift

The VE expands on the functionality of the VM, with a wider feature set

Elesse Luxury Lift

The Elesse is designed to be a comforable, modern alternative to the stairlift

SP Step Lift

Our smallest platform lift; not to be underestimated!

LR Platform Lift

A step up in height from our SP, but keeping compact

Liberty Open Lift

Our powerful, customisable, open platform lift

Liberty 3 Lift

A potential 6 meters travel with omnidirectional stopping

PLG7 Incline Platform

A unique incline platform stairlift design

Two LR's with pits.

When it comes to our lifts, we offer models with or without pits. However, there are a few pros and cons to consider when deciding whether a lift with a pit is right for you!

The Pros of the Pit

If you choose a pit, it can make life easier entering and exiting the lift. Having a small pit means the floor of the lift car can line up nicely to be level with the ground, giving level wheelchair access. However, when forming a pit isn't possible, our lifts are designed to have small ramps that fold out, making it easy for wheelchair access.

The Cons of the Pit

Pits have to be constructed, which will add to building work costs. Externally mounted lifts may require drainage systems to allow water egress. If you ever want the lift removed, filling in the pit is another added cost. All of this will affect the cost of the product and, as such, we offer our lifts with alternative solutions to the pit.

A Liberty Open Platform Lift without a pit

Do I need a lift with a pit?

To answer this question, we recommend you get in Contact with us, on 01794 830303, or by email info@wessexlifts.co.uk. Deciding whether or not a pit is for you is a complex issue, so you'll want to speak to the experienced professionals in our customer care team and sales team.